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How It Works

Local Restaurant Marketing Done Right!

Since over 90% of mobile users own a smartphone with GPS tracking capabilities, location-based marketing has never been more useful for reaching the always-connected consumer. Geofencing marketing is a location-based marketing strategy that serves relevant ads to mobile users who walk into a geofence (a digital fence) such as competitors, employers or neighborhood points of interest. You can target like-minded customers across all devices nationwide to attract NEW customers.


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Upsize Your New Customer Acquisition


Customer Intelligence

Find out where your customers live, work and play with our Customer Intelligence Report. Identify high-value locations such as local restaurants, office buildings, neighborhoods and more!


Precise Targeting

We target the best locations for new customers to maximize every dollar of your marketing campaign. Then, we serve up ads to hungry customers across all their devices.


Expert Optimization

Set it and forget it? We sure don’t! Our data team analyzes campaign results on a monthly basis to identify actionable insights to improve results.

Don’t let your competitors geofence your restaurant before you do!

Advantages of Geofencing for Restaurants

It can be difficult to track the value of restaurant marketing. That is why geofencing for restaurants is especially effective. With advanced attribution reporting, our clients are never left to wonder if their marketing is bringing in new customers. Geofence marketing lets you target your audience at all stages of their buyer’s journey, including awareness, consideration, conversion and re-conversion for repeat customers who already love your restaurant. Stir up an appetite by serving mobile ads and 15- and 30-second unskippable commercials on streaming TV platforms. Learn more about streaming TV commercials.


Don’t know the efficacy of your sponsorship for a golf event? Set up a geofence to track walk-ins! Want to target a conference or a high school soccer match? 

Identify Ideal Customers with a Customer Intelligence Report

Local restaurant marketing done right means you take into consideration existing customer behavior patterns. we've partnered with Placer.ai to provide you with a Customer Intelligence Report that enables you to improve advertising by mapping and defining who your customers are, where they are located and tracking the value of those customers. Our Customer Intelligence Report gives you the insight needed to make confident, accurate advertising decisions.

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How Geofencing for Restaurants Works

Geofence where your customers frequent and set up custom "target zones." From coffee shops to grocery stores, parking lots to train stations, major employers to local businesses and even competitor restaurants, the geofencing possibilities are (almost) endless!

Harness the power of GPS technology to market to people who enter your target zones. Serve your ideal customers action-oriented banner ads and unskippable 15-30 second commercial ads on streaming platforms across all their devices, to drive more website visits and walk-ins to your restaurant.

The best part? It’s totally trackable! Conversion Zones are the most powerful tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile restaurant advertising to measure how many customers originated from your geofencing campaign.

1. Target Competitors, Employers, Points of Interest and Local Neighborhoods

Imagine Jane*, your ideal customer, walking into your competitor’s location with her GPS-equipped smartphone during her lunch hour. Now you’ve captured her mobile ID and can politely steal her away by showing mouth-watering content across all her devices. *User data is anonymous. Jane example used for educational purposes only.

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2. Serve Mobile Ads, Video Ads and Audio Ads (NEW!)

Remember how Jane walked into your target zone? Now, not only is she eligible to receive mobile banner ads on the apps she uses, but as she returns home and her phone connects to the internet via her home network, she opens a portal to all her other devices including tablets, desktops and streaming televisions.

You’ll then be able to target her with your appetizing banner ads and 15-30 second unskippable CTV advertisements.

3. Watch Walk-ins Surge to Your Restaurant

Jane is out and about the next day. As her lunch hour approaches, she remembers seeing your ad last night as she caught up on her favorite Bravo reality show on Sling TV. Jane decides to try out your restaurant, which she has never heard of before. As she walks in into your physical location, her mobile ID will register as a new customer acquired!


Addressable Geofencing for Restaurants

ID_RG-Precise Targeting

Target Specific Houses and Apartments

With Addressable Geofencing, you can target specific households based on demographic data and serve ads to mobile devices and connected TVs.


Target houses within zip codes based on:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Home value
  • Gender
  • Number and age of children
  • And much more!


Drive brand awareness, traffic to your website and, most importantly, walk-ins to your restaurant!

Unveil Where Your Customers Live, Work and Play

with Our Customer Intelligence Report


Restaurant marketing done right requires customer intelligence for an ironclad strategy that targets new customers. We've partnered with Placer.ai to provide a Customer Intelligence Report that draws from years worth of your customers' mobile location data. We analyze markets and direct competitors to identify a broader competitive restaurant set, major employers, trade areas and neighborhood points of interest.

All location data within Customer Intelligence Report has been anonymized for privacy protection so you can be confident all research is compliant with local and national laws.


Build an Ideal Prospect Audience based on:

  • Lifestyle
  • Life stage
  • Behavioral traits
  • Consumer traits


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"RestaurantGeofencing.com is extremely responsive. They worked closely with our individual franchisees to guide them through the onboarding process and answer any questions along the way. I feel confident the team is closely monitoring our campaigns to ensure they’re successful. If there is ever an issue, they’re quick to reach out and provide solutions. I would recommend them to anyone interested in digital advertising and wants to measure their foot traffic."
Maria Capparelli
  1. Maria Capparelli

Director of Marketing, East Coast Wings

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