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Frequently Asked Questions

So, You Have Questions

Our goal is to ensure that you understand geofencing technology thoroughly before deciding to invest in it. We’ve collected some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to help you decide if RestaurantGeofencing.com is right for you.


Need to speak to one of our sales experts about local restaurant advertising for your location? Schedule a 1-on-1 today to gain FREE geofencing expertise. Not ready to talk? Drop us a line and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.


What is geofencing?

Geofencing marketing is a location-based marketing strategy (LBM) that relies on GPS technology from mobile phones to deliver relevant ads to potential customers who have stepped into custom digital “fences,” or geofences.

RestaurantGeofencing.com can help your restaurant set up geofences around competitors, parks, stadiums, events and more! Promote your restaurant locally to contacts in your trade area and even contacts that visit popular or competitor sites. Visit our How Geofencing Works page to learn more.

What is the commitment?

Our fully transparent pricing model does not lock our customers into any long-term contracts. The initial commitment is three months, then month-to-month after that. RestauantGeofencing.com makes location-based marketing feasible for any budget.

How can we tell if it’s working?

We can track impressions, commercial views, clicks to your website and, most importantly, walk-ins by creating a geofence conversion zone around your restaurant. Over time, we optimize the campaigns to increase walk-ins and decrease cost per acquisition.

Can I geofence my competitors?

YES! We can use geofence marketing to politely steal away customers that walk into the premises of your competitors. We have also found that geofencing indirect competitors (like a local coffee shop or nearby restaurants) with different food offerings to be quite effective in bringing in foot-traffic. Ready to dive into local restaurant advertising with one of our sales experts? Schedule a demo today!

Where do mobile ads appear?

Mobile ads will appear on the tens of thousands of mobile apps and mobile websites that accept advertising, such as The Weather App, MSN, ESPN, as well as social media on Facebook and Instagram. Mobile ads can be of various sizes and can rotate to deliver key messaging and branding for each restaurant. RestaurantGeofencing.com can also help your restaurant launch 15-30 second video commercials on streaming platforms. Learn more about OTT/CTV.

How much does it cost?

RestaurantGeofencing.com features pricing packages tiered for incremental performance, suitable for any budget. For as little as $195/month, our Saver Package unlocks high-performing geofencing campaigns for savvy restaurant owners and restaurant marketers. Click here to see our full pricing options. Our penalty-free cancellations make local restaurant advertising accessible for all restaurants.

How quickly can I get started?

The initial kick-off call to the campaign going live typically takes six business days, assuming we receive all assets and feedback in a timely manner. For campaigns with video production, the process can take up to 14 business days. Once the campaign goes live, your ads will start to show immediately.

Where do potential customers see ads?

Restaurant-specific mobile ads will appear on the tens of thousands of apps and mobile websites that accept advertising, such as the Weather Channel app, MSN and ESPN. Mobile ads can vary in size and can rotate to deliver key messaging and branding for each local apartment.


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15-30 second video ads appear in streaming platforms like Sling TV, Pluto TV and more! Now we can even target customers watching Hulu or listening to popular music streaming services like iHeart Radio and Spotify. We can also create video ads formatted for television using asset photography — without expensive filming. 




Advertising for restaurants through geofencing also unlocks a customer’s connected home devices such as tablets, desktops and streaming TV apps. Submit a question or schedule a demo to learn more!

What is a target zone?

A virtual geofence is traced around an area where the restaurant wants to target customers visiting another physical location (e.g. a competitor restaurant, a venue or a specific part of town, etc.). When the customer enters the geofenced target location, they will then receive your restaurant’s ads on their mobile device. And, upon arriving home, they will then be eligible to receive ads via their other connected devices as their mobile phone connects to their wifi network. Unlike other restaurant advertising agencies that offer geofencing, we carefully research every location we geofence to microtarget the right audience. Our geofences are accurate within feet!

What are conversion zones?

Conversion zones are the most powerful tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile restaurant advertising. By tracing a virtual conversion zone around a physical location, restaurant marketers can measure the amount of physical traffic to the location from any customers who have seen your ad. Essentially, the physical location of your restaurant serves as the ultimate conversion zone as we aim to increase walk-ins to your location.

"One of the things I love about working with RestaurantGeofencing.com was how easy the onboarding process was, especially with individual franchisees. From start to finish, the team was there to help with any questions. After that, we were quickly able to launch our campaigns and start seeing results. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about adding geofencing to their restaurant’s marketing strategy."
  1. Mark Setterington

CEO, Island Fin Poke

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