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Campaign Pricing

How Much Does Geofencing Cost?

Launching location-based marketing campaigns for your restaurant property has never been more affordable. For just $195/month, our starter package is ideal for clients with a limited restaurant advertising budget. Onboarding is completely risk-free, without the need to sign up for any long-term contracts. RestaurantGeofencing.com makes location-based marketing feasible for any budget. Our geofencing marketing costs break down as follows:

  • 10 geofences
  • Quarterly analysis
  • 20 geofences
  • Bimonthly analysis
  • Streaming TV advertising (Open Exchange)
  • Informative Prospect Report
  • 40 geofences
  • Monthly analysis
  • Streaming TV advertising (Curated)
  • Insightful Prospect Report
  • Unlimited geofences
  • Monthly analysis
  • Streaming TV advertising (Elite)
  • Intelligent Prospect Report
  • Easily scalable
  • ReTV Multiplier — Streaming TV site retargeting
  • Meta Multiplier — Paid social ads
  • Available with Standard or above plans
  • Starting at *95/month



Get ahead of your competitors with mobile advertising for restaurants. Target customers' native digital environments (such as mobile apps, streaming TV platforms, and more) across all their devices! Learn more about geofencing for restaurants in just 30 minutes.

Multipliers and Add-Ons

Campaign Multipliers

Amplify your geofencing campaigns with added exposure across 200+ Streaming TV apps, Facebook and Instagram! (Requires Standard-level plan or above)



Cost Per Property

Multiplier Details

ReTV Multiplier

Streaming TV Site Retargeting

Starting at

$295 / month

  • Retarget recent website visitors on 200+ streaming apps with unskippable, full screen TV ads
  • AI-video production available (see pricing below)

Meta Multiplier

Paid Social Ads

Starting at

$395 / month

  • Facebook & Instagram 
  • Newsfeed and stories
  • 15-mile radius geo-targeted
  • Audiences include retargeting and interests
  • Monthly analysis with tour matchbacks


Monthly Banner Ad Design:

Cost Per Property


Services Included

$45 / mo


- 1 display ad template with 8 sizes: 300x250, 300x50, 320x50, 728x90, 336x280, 160x600, 200x200, 250x250

Monthly revisions on banner design. 


AI-Powered Video Production:


Cost Per Property


Services Included


$95 / mo

- 1 new video per month
- Choose from any size or orientation below:
6s, 15s (landscape or vertical)

2 rounds of revisions (includes unlimited edits per revision or regenerated video)


$195 / mo


- 2 new videos per month
- Choose from any size or orientation below:
6s, 15s (landscape or vertical) 
30s (landscape only)

2 rounds of revisions (includes unlimited edits per revision or regenerated video)


$395 / mo


- 4 new videos per month
- Choose from any size or orientation below:
6s, 15s  (landscape or vertical) 
30s, 60s (landscape only)

2 rounds of revisions (includes unlimited edits per revision or regenerated video)


GeofenceIQ | Prospect Intelligence

Powered by Placer.ai, exclusively from ApartmentGeofencing.com


With GeofenceIQ®, unlock AI-powered intelligence that improves your prospecting accuracy for smarter, higher-performing geofencing advertising. All plans include:


  • Ongoing, AI-powered targeting recommendations from our client success team
  • GeofenceIQ Prospect Intelligence Report (Quarterly, or 4x per calendar year)

GeofenceIQ Plan

Cost Per Property

Your Property

# of Competitors Analyzed

In Quarterly Report

Informative Plan

$95 / mo


Not Included

Insightful Plan

$175 / mo



Intelligent Plan

$245 / mo




Customer Intelligence

Find out where your customers live, work and play

ID_RG-How-Customer Intel-2

Access the most powerful and effective customer analytics tool on the market — FREE with any Standard package or above. It’s a key component to creating high-converting campaigns that drive walk-ins.


RestaurantGeofencing.com has partnered with Placer.ai to provide a comprehensive Customer Intelligence Report that will enable you to improve advertising by mapping and defining who your customers are, where they’re located and tracking the value of those customers. Our report gives you the insight needed to make confident and accurate advertising decisions.


"RestaurantGeofencing.com has consistently exceeded our expectations when it comes to banner ad designs. They designed the ads according to our brand book, giving them an authentic look and feel. The team was also quick to make any adjustments as need and getting the campaigns launched. We’ve been very pleased with the results and look forward to seeing where our continued partnership can take Rock N Roll Sushi!"
  1. Keith Hill

Director of Marketing & Tech, RNR Sushi