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Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence Is Your Secret Sauce for More Foot Traffic

We have the recipe for new and loyal customers. RestaurantGeofencing has partnered with Placer.ai to provide the most powerful marketing research tool on the market. If you are researching restaurant marketing ideas that will create a surge of foot traffic to your restaurant, skip the guesswork and start with customer intelligence gathered from years' worth of mobile location data.


Find out where customers live, work and play!


Analyze Current Customers

Our Customer Intelligence Report can analyze your current customers and your competitors’ customers, and key in on common buyer profile traits from historical mobile data to unveil where they live, work and play. 


Uncover Trade Areas

Our Customer Intelligence Report lets you view local commuter trends and access customer trade areas. You can even identify top employers. Find out the demographic traits  and time segments that matter for your location's advertising spend.


Target Customer Hot Spots

Stir up an appetite based on strategic geofencing marketing. From local casinos to nearby stadiums, and even events and concerts, our Customer Intelligence Report gives you the insights on the hot spot locations to target.

Restaurant Marketing Research Done Right

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Effortless Setup

With Placer.ai reporting, we make it easy for our clients to access the restaurant marketing research they need to make confident advertising decisions. Our report reveals high-converting points of interest based on real customer data for strategic restaurant geofencing.

Our report also enables you to improve restaurant advertising and forecast potential locations for future development by mapping and defining who your customers are and where they are located. In addition, it demonstrates the value of those customers to your restaurant development teams. When paired with client-provided competitors, we help distill invaluable data that informs a strategic playbook for high-converting, restaurant geofencing advertising (or marketing) strategies.



  • Identify core customers
  • Create specialized market optimization reports
  • Explore customized lists of new competitor locations
  • Define audience and demographic groups based on past visitation

Customer Demographic Analysis

Placer.ai reporting and our analysis help distill the ideal buyer profiles that will surge foot traffic to your restaurant. We can even help identify a broader competitor landscape, gaps in your restaurant market, major employers, neighborhood points of interest and even trade areas!


Demographic Categories Provided by Experian Mosaic:

  • Homeownership status
  • Average household age
  • Estimated household income
  • Trade areas
  • and more!


RESTRICTED USE OF PLACER.AI DATA: RestaurantGeofencing.com uses Placer.ai data to provide analysis for location-based marketing (geofencing) campaigns for restaurants only. We also do not provide aggregate data. Ask us about the advantages of working with Placer.ai. 

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"RestaurantGeofencing.com is extremely responsive. They worked closely with our individual franchisees to guide them through the onboarding process and answer any questions along the way. I feel confident the team is closely monitoring our campaigns to ensure they’re successful. If there is ever an issue, they’re quick to reach out and provide solutions. I would recommend them to anyone interested in digital advertising and wants to measure their foot traffic."
Maria Capparelli
  1. Maria Capparelli

Director of Marketing, East Coast Wings

Find out where your restaurant customers live, work and play. See the key ingredients that sets up our restaurant clients with winning geofencing campaigns!