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Drive Foot Traffic and Sales to Your Restaurant With Geofencing.

Equip your restaurant with the most advanced location-based advertising on the market. Book a free demo today and learn how to boost foot traffic to your restaurant through geofencing marketing. Now with AI ✨

"RestaurantGeofencing.com has consistently exceeded our expectations when it comes to banner ad designs. They designed the ads according to our brand book, giving them an authentic look and feel. The team was also quick to make any adjustments as need and getting the campaigns launched. We’ve been very pleased with the results and look forward to seeing where our continued partnership can take Rock N Roll Sushi!"
  1. Keith Hill

Director of Marketing & Tech, RNR Sushi

Pain-Free Geofence Marketing for Restaurants

No engaging creative content or video ads? No problem. From QSRs to FSRs, we help restaurants of all kinds design and deploy brand-approved, hyper-local campaigns that help restaurant marketers and owners reach the right customers with pinpoint precision.


The best part? Measurable, trackable results at your fingertips. Our transparent reporting lets you gauge conversions so that you can quickly measure the efficacy of your investment. Location-based digital marketing for restaurants captures the attention of mobile-first customers.


Uniquely Local

We research every location we geofence to microtarget the right audience. 


Capture Competitor Traffic

Target your competitors to advertise to their customers across all devices!


Affordable Pricing Packages

We make geofencing feasible for any budget, without the need for long-term commitments.

Digital Marketing Made for Restaurants

Entice customer appetites with local restaurant digital marketing, which leverages GPS technology to serve action-oriented banner ads as well as unskippable commercials on Hulu, Sling TV and even streaming audio platforms like Spotify. From awareness to conversion, drive website visitors and walk-ins by reaching future customers throughout their entire online buyer's journey. Your ads will show up in a highly vetted list of websites and mobile apps, so you can be sure your restaurant brand is safe. Digital marketing for full and quick services restaurants has evolved, and geofencing allows you to target your customers in their native, digital environments including apps, streaming platforms and more!

Our Menu Specials

How can your restaurants use location-based digital marketing to reach potential customers and drive new business, increase loyalty and measure which marketing efforts REALLY work?

We employ an approach comprised of precise targeting (across display, video, OTT/CTV and social) and expert optimization, all with actionable reporting to drive foot traffic and sales.

ID_RG-Customer Intel

Customer Intelligence

Discover where your customers live, work and play. With years worth of mobile location data, you can now target the right audiences for effective digital marketing for restaurants.


  • Determine where your customers live and work
  • Discover local trade areas, based on commuting length
  • Identify popular residential neighborhoods based on zip
  • Determine the highest-converting demographic profiles to optimize your advertising

Precise Targeting

Serve up mouth-watering ads across all devices to people who have visited your competitors, work at nearby employers or visit local points of interest. You can even target individual homes in neighborhoods based on:


  • Age
  • Education
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Interests, behaviors and more!
ID_RG-Precise Targeting
ID_RG-Expert Optimization

Expert Optimization

Track campaign performance with 24/7 access to a custom dashboard. Receive ongoing actionable insights from a team of experts to identify winning campaign strategies and see key performance drivers with advanced attribution.


Reporting includes:

  • Monthly analysis and recommendations
  • Performance data down to the geofenced building
  • Real-time dashboard with views by individual location, region or roll up

Ready to see how we can surge foot traffic to your restaurant through geofencing? In just 30 minutes, you can acquire FREE geofencing expertise!